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How is a Guardian Home Extension better than a standard extension?

Guardian Home extensions are installed faster and have much better thermal insulation than a standard extension. They can be installed even in poor weather, with less time on site, there is less disruption to your home.

What guarantees do homeowners get with a Guardian Home Extension?

Make sure you use a team guardian installer as this will insure you get your 10 year guarantee.

How long will it take to build my Guardian Home Extension?

The time taken will be dependent on the size and shape, and foundations style. Once the footings are down the structure can be completed in as little as a week. Plastering, electrical and external finishes can take a further 1 -2 weeks .

Do I need planning permission for a Guardian Home Extension?

If the footprint of the proposed extension complies with permitted development then planning permission may not be required. You can check with the planning portal. However you will still require building regulations notification and inspections.

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