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If you need to increase your UK living space but do not want the upheaval of moving, then a well executed house extension is a great way of adding both square footage and value to your property.

Expertly constructed with insulated roof and walls, double-glazed windows and strong, steel-reinforced structures, a Guardian™ home extension is the affordable UK alternative to a traditional brick-built structure.

Guardian Roof construction allows you to create a spacious and light vaulted roof which may not achievable with conventional timber roof structures.

Guardian provide a spacious, open-plan extension to your UK home using cutting edge construction techniques.

Your new extension will be comfortable and warm with outstanding energy-efficiency with a U-value of 0.10 W/m2K, it is the most energy saving home extension available.

Why choose Guardian
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Ridge cappings to match roof tiles or slates


Roof lights with a wide range of sizes and features including blinds, security locks plus remote control electric open and shut options


Choice of roof tiles or slates in a range of colours including black, terracotta and moss green


A choice of external finishes are available including brick slip, timber and render as well as in a range of colours


Kingspan TEK® Building System are high performance structural insulated panels which increase energy efficiency

Why choose Guardian

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Help Can’t find the answer? Chat live now and see how we can help.